Class MailServerExtension.GMailHelper

Enclosing class:

public static class MailServerExtension.GMailHelper extends Object
A static helper class that allows easy creation of configuration for loading messages from Google Mail
  • Constructor Details

    • GMailHelper

      public GMailHelper()
  • Method Details

    • create

      public Json create()
      Create the Json that should be passed in to
    • configure

      public void configure(Json json)
      Configure the helper with Json
    • setEmail

      public void setEmail(String email)
      Set the email account
    • setClientId

      public void setClientId(String id)
      Set the client id, normally of the form ""
    • setClientSecret

      public void setClientSecret(String secret)
      Set the client secret
    • setRedirectURI

      public void setRedirectURI(String uri)
      Set the "redirect_uri" property to a URL
    • setAuthURI

      public void setAuthURI(String uri)
      Set the "auth_uri" property to a URL
    • setTokenURI

      public void setTokenURI(String uri)
      Set the "token_uri" property to a URL
    • setScope

      public void setScope(String scope)
      Set the Scope