Interface SignatureExtension

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DefaultSignatureExtension, GlobalSignSignatureExtension

public interface SignatureExtension extends ReportFactoryExtension
A subtype of ReportFactoryExtension that should be implemented to add support for particular types of digital signature
  • Method Details

    • supports

      boolean supports(org.faceless.publisher.type.FormSignatureResource resource)
      Return true if this SignatureExtension supports the specified Signature type.
    • prepare

      void prepare(org.faceless.publisher.type.FormSignatureResource resource)
      If this object returned true from supports(org.faceless.publisher.type.FormSignatureResource), this method is called to prepare the signature. This may involve validating, setting default attributes etc.
    • apply

      void apply(org.faceless.publisher.type.FormSignatureResource resource, FormSignature sig) throws GeneralSecurityException, IOException
      Sign the signature