Package org.faceless.publisher.web

package org.faceless.publisher.web
Provides the BFO Publisher web service
  • Class
    An abstraction of an HTTP request/response sesssion, such as one corresponding to the HttpServletRequest/Response pair passed inth an HttpServlet.
    An abstraction of a Websocket sesssion.
    An Authority authorizes "grants" on a ServiceEngine to be run remotely.
    An Authorization is granted by an Authority in response to an access token.
    An implementation of Store that writes to the file system
    An abstraction of an HTTP interface onto the ServiceEngine.
    The core "engine" that drives the Web Service, which has HttpController and WebSocketController interfaces onto it
    This the glue that manages a ServiceEngine over the lifetime of a ServletContext.
    An interface representing an abstract store, eg a FileSystem, which is used to store and retrieve files
    A Websocket-based means of controlling the Webserver.