Listed below are most of the tests we run nightly to verify the output of BFO Publisher.

The majority of the tests begin with "wpt" - these are the standard web platform tests. Not all WPT tests are run; we skip those for areas we don't support (grid layout, vertical writing etc.) or can't support (JavaScript, animation, mouse events etc). A small number have been modified from the originals, eg to make font paths relative etc. - necessary as we cannot use the standard WPT harness for testing.

Click on a test - the middle pane shows the bitmap images generated from the PDF, which are compared against the reference images. The link at the top is to download the PDF itself. The pane on the right is the HTML source as rendered by your browser.

Many tests have a reference test which allows them to be validated in a platform-independent way. These have a gold star following the name. The rest have been manually approved by BFO against renderings taken from Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Note that some tests have a faint red-line where none should exist - this is an anti-aliasing artifact from rendering the PDF to bitmap.

JSON source for this report: results.json

Pass Fail Partial Error Total
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