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Verified against the same tests as your browser. Passing 98.6% of CSS2 tests, 93.5% overall. Results

Archival quality PDF output, built on our PDF Library. PDF/A and PDF/UA are our business.


Streaming model means 20,000+ page documents are no problem. Thread-ready: it's simple to integrate with your web application, or use our web-service in your cloud.


SVG2, MathML4, support for CSS cascade-5, color-5, fonts-4, flexbox-1 and more - plus PDF/A-4 output.

Or if you want to keep doing your layout with tables, that works for us too.

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Our trial versions are free to evaluate for as long as you want. Current version is , released .


  1. Read our License
  2. Install Java 11 or later
  3. Download and unzip
  4. java -jar bfopublisher-bundle.jar
    (or double click it)


  1. Read our License
  2. Install Docker
  3. docker run -P -d bfocom/publisher


Downloaded already? The documentation is served from the web-service. Or read it here:

If you still have questions, email


To remove the demo stamp from the documents generated by BFO Publisher you need to purchase a license.

For pricing, email