Release Notes

1.1 (2022-07-28)

  • "display:grid" was causing a hard failure, but should instead have been simply unrecognised

  • "lookahead" mode was undocumented and should be on by default (it was off). Added documentation.

  • Trim any trailing blank pages from the PDF output

  • Several fixes to footnote sizing/positioning. Footnote regions now accept max-height and fragment across pages.

  • Several fixes to flex layout.

  • Fixed a multi-column layout issue relating to column balancing.

  • Removed some debug output

  • Adjust webservice logging to record IP of remote host, and log local times rather than UTC

  • Added proxy_servers and authorities.from to web-service configuration options, to allow limiting access to the web-service by IP.

  • Fixed some issues in the webservice where HTTP Keep-alive would sometimes fail

1.0 (2022-07-18)

Known Issues

Short / Medium term (under development or scheduled).

  • CSS Flex layout has bugs. Flex items do not currently fragment.

  • CSS Multi-column layout module has bugs. Multi-column spanners (column-span) are not yet implemented. Footnotes in multi-column containers are not yet implemented.

  • RTL table layout is not working

  • Reversed CSS lists using the new reversed() syntax are not yet implemented

  • transform-style: preserve-3d is not yet implemented.

Long term issues; no planned development

  • CSS Grid layout

  • CSS Ruby layout

  • CSS writing-mode for vertical text

  • text-emphasis markers

  • CSS region fragmentation