Class Report


public class Report extends Object

Represents a single Report, as created by ReportFactory.createReport(). At it's simplest the process of creating a Report looks like this:

 ReportFactory factory = ReportFactory.getInstance();
 // configure factory as appropriate
 Report report = factory.createReport();
 report.setReportOutput(output);      // where do you want to send the report?
 // other report configurations as required

The various "load" methods can be used to parse the Report from a File or URL, both of which will first configure the report with appropriate settings for that content type (by adding styleshets, setting properties etc). Alternatively, load(InputSource) can be used if you want to configure the Report manually.

After the "load" method, the parse() method is called to read from the input and write the generated Report to the specified ReportOutput.

Alternatively, the ContentHandler, XMLReader and InputSourec can all be retrieved from this object if the parse is to be run externally.