Interface MailExtension.PartBlob

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public static interface MailExtension.PartBlob extends AbstractBlob
An interface which provides the bridge between a MIME Part, as used in the MimeMessage class, and the AbstractBlob required by BFO Publisher to load resources.
  • Method Details

    • isAttachment

      boolean isAttachment()
      Return true if this part has Content-Disposition: attachment
    • getAttachmentFilename

      String getAttachmentFilename()
      If this part has Content-Disposition: attachment, return the filename that's specified if any, or null otherwise.
    • getParent

      Return the PartBlob that is the parent of this PartBlob, or null if it's the mssage
    • getPart

      Part getPart()
      Return the Part that underlies this PartBlob
    • getAttachmentProcessingInstruction

      ProcessingInstruction getAttachmentProcessingInstruction() throws IOException, MessagingException
      Return a ProcessingInstruction that would add this PartBlob as an attachment